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  1. laura baddish

    Hi Kate, would love to contact you, can I get your email addy? Your new kitchen in progress sounds super wonderful too.

  2. Grace lytle

    Just devoured you blue plate memoirs, and I guess that is an appalling pun. While reading your book I felt as if we had walked into the same room many times about a second after each other!
    I AMA Steiner grad (NYC), your grandmother taught my English class and was our librarian, my parents ere friends of The countess’ and I often had the same feeling about her when I visited her. You were pribably there on several of those visits.
    I live on Cape Cod, having changed my life’ s path, with my brilliant and long suffering husband!
    Thanks for the book!

  3. michelleshopped

    Kate, I am now reading Blue Plate Special which I am enjoying, and just checking in to your blog for the latest — small world as Grace above (!), I live in Cape Cod too!


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